Solutions 100 Codes 2013 Levels 1 to 65, cheats and tips

100 codes 2013 - icone

Following the example of the first version presented, here solutions 100 Codes 2013 Levels 1 to 65, cheats and tips complete on your site!

Do You remember the game 100 Codes for which we gave you all the solutions cheats and tips? Will Know that another developer also seized this style to propose this new version to us. It does not have anything to envy the first and the enigmas are complicated with wishes, but always very judicious and with a logical explanation, except for one or two.

100 codes 2013 - 1

If the game names “100”, for the moment, these are only 65 levels which are available. Finally when we say “that 65” should rather tell us “already 65”. This lets predict a future update. Always it is that for the moment, this series should occupy you a few hours. And so certain enigmas are really too hard, here only for you, the solutions 100 Codes 2013 Levels 1

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to 65, cheats and tips:


1. To Add the 2 values. Answer: 1659231

2. It is 10:10. Answer: 1010

3. James Bond. Answer: 007

4. To Count the legs of from top to bottom animals. Answer: 4082

5. To Trace the good way to leave on other side and to record the numbers met. Answer: 55231

6. The year when the first man to be gone on the moon. Answer: 1969

7. To Align the paper bands correctly and to read a number. Answer: 579024

8. The number to game of Michael Jordan. Answer: 23

9. To Add to each figure on the basis of the second that with the top of him to obtain the value of that of the lower part. Answer: 21

10. Many days in one year. Answer: 365

11. Many friends in the film Ocean’ S Eleven. Answer: 11

12. To Count the number of angle of each figure and to write the results found of the left towards the line. Answer: 9456312

13. To Write the correspondence of the red in system RGB. Answer: 25500

14. To Write the first 5 figures of the value of Pi. Answer: 31415

15. The sum of each column is equal to 17. Answer: 16

16. The Independence Day. Answer: 0704

17. To Write the figures which appear slightly on the basis of the top downwards. Answer: 708591

18. To Count the triangles. Answer: 35

19. The world record of the 100 Mr. Answer: 958

20. Many boxes of a chess-board. Answer: 64

21. To Add the points with the first two dominos per line and to put the result on the right. Answer: 46

22. The year of exit of Windows Vista. Answer: 2006

23. To Decode the Roman numerals. Answer: 4999

24. To Count the “yellow/green” window of each stage while starting with bottom. Answer: 14032

25. Degree of alcohol of vodka. Answer: 40

26. Year of the discovery of Americas by Christophe Colomb. Answer: 1492

27. Number of the street Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes lived. Answer: 221b

28. Number of strontium in the periodic table of the elements. Answer: 38

29. to From Left To Right guess the numbers of the billiard balls. Answer: 538114

30. To Continue to advance each clock with a progressive shift. Answer: 535

31. To Count the number of bronze medals, money and gold. Answer: 141615

32. To Use a reader of QR code and to decipher this one. Answer: 2700965

33. To Make correspond figures to the letters of the alphabet. Answer: BERLIN

34. To Translate the Japanese figures. Answer: 569

35. Answer: 303

36. To Decode each line which is a figure in Morse. Answer: 82573091

37. The year in the countries of Islam when it is 2013-2014 in Europe. Answer: 1435

38. Temperature of °C to melt gold. Answer: 1064

39. To Write from top to bottom figures and from left to right. 318405

40. To Find the result thanks to an arithmetic rule. Answer: 13

41. To Place the mask on the grid of figures to find the code. Answer: 84361297

42. Many goals marked by Pelé. Answer: 1289

43. Surface of Russia in square kilometres. Answer: 17098242

44. To Find the value of each letters of the alphabet. Answer: 10652

45. To Continue the sequence for the last time by permuting the figures so that they appear only once by column. Answer: 7238

46. To Count the number of angles of volume. Answer: 20

47. Many atolls of the Maldives. Answer: 1192

48. Many the Jupiter moons. Answer: 67

49. Voltage of one lights cigar of a car. Answer: 12

50. Number of pixel on the large side of a Retina screen. Answer: 2048

51. Name models of Porsche. Answer: 911

52. Many seats in the arena of Dallas Stars. Answer: 18532

53. Fantastic Melodrama of Wong Kar. Answer: 2046

54. Many months of pregnancy of a giraffe. Answer: 15

55. To Translate the figures of Indian language Punjabi. Answer: 417596

56. Measure cartridge. Answer: 762

57. Year of return to earth of station MIR. Answer: 2001

58. Height of the K2 mountain. Answer: 8614

59. The opposite figures are high squared. Answer: 36

60. Quantify in the name of the group. Answer: 2

61. Telephone Code of Antigua and Barbuda. Answer: 1268

62. Name of the model of Boeing. Answer: 707

63. Many squares of the figures. Answer: 14

64. Name of the team of NBA. Answer: 76

65. In which position is this president of the USA. Answer: 32


Thus this article of the solutions cheats and tips of the game is closed again. We hope that you will have appreciated it and if you wish to know the continuation, if there is one of them, of this application, you can always register you with our flow RSS.
Thank you for your fidelity and soon!


To download the game:

100 codes 2013 - iconeAndroid

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