Solutions Dooors 2 levels 41 to 50, cheats and tips

The update left this weekend, find as of now the solutions Dooors 2 levels 41 to 50, cheats and tips always on!

There was long time that we had not given you solutions cheats and tips of the game Dooors 2! And to be more precise, it is on March 10th, 2013 that you had seen the publication of our last article on this subject. The developer will have taken its time, but frankly, we do not regret because, without speaking of graphics which are always of any beauty, the enigmas still conceal ingeniousness for our greater happiness!

dooors 2 - 1

This last upgrade proposes to us to find 20 new levels. So for some it will have taken us only a few seconds to understand the principle of it, for others on the contrary, we have floor a little longer. But good! Nothing is insurmountable, and if we reached that point, you must also manage to cross all the obstacles. If Not, you have this article which gives you all the keys to success, moreover if you read this article it is that you need surely a small knack!

While waiting for the publication of the solutions of the 10 next enigmas in our possession, discover already the solutions Dooors 2 levels 41 to 50, chips and tips:


Dooors 2 Level 41


Dooors 2 Level 42


Dooors 2 Level 43


Dooors 2 Level 44


Dooors 2 Level 45


Dooors 2 Level 46


Dooors 2 Level 47


Dooors 2 Level 48


Dooors 2 Level 49


Dooors 2 Level 50


Well! We will start to write the article of the solutions cheats and tip sof the game levels 51 to 60. If a few times ago we regretted to see to stop the game, this last upgrade can let to us hope to see arriving in a few times some levels additional. We wait this moment impatiently!

Thank you for your fidelity and soon!

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