Solutions Escape Action Levels 1 to 10, cheats and tricks

Ecape action - icone

Who known as new game says beginning of series with these solutions Escape Action Levels 1 to 10, cheats and tricks for always helping you on!

New game? Yes and not! Nevertheless, the solutions cheats and tricks of this one must appear among our series of articles. Indeed, the difficulties of this one can prove relatively high and in this case, nothing of such as being able to consult a video of solution or to collect one or two councils to help to undoubtedly pass a enigma. And well, here, it is what you will find, of what to help you to pass the difficulties which will block you and that, we are certain that you will meet throughout yours progression of it.

Ecape action - 1

It is an excellent game which you already perhaps know or which you discover thanks to this article. In This Case, you will quickly become hooked about it. Difficulties of various nature, more or less difficult expect you. And no matter what some say some, even when the resolution of the enigma is not timed, the answers are not so simple and they ask a minimum of reflection. As regards the solutions to be implemented in a maximum time, it is true that for those, unless being very fast, you will need an cheat to manage to pass them and it is, inter alia, those which you will find in these videos of the solutions Escape Action Levels 1 to 10, cheats and tricks:


Escape Action Level 1


Escape Action Level 2


Escape Action Level 3


Escape Action Level 4


Escape Action Level 5


Escape Action Level 6


Escape Action Level 7


Escape Action Level 8


Escape Action Level 9


Escape Action Level 10


Then? Useful these solutions cheats and tricks of the game? Hey yes, we had told you! And the continuation does not leave anything envy these first levels. To have already solved them, it does not remain us any more that to carry out turning and to format of it the article, we can already tell you that there still, imagination in all its place. A council, do not miss the next publication, you register with our flow RSS to follow the series!
Thank you for your fidelity and soon!


To download the game:

Ecape action - iconeAndroid

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