Solutions You Must Escape levels 11 to 16, cheats and tips

You must escape - icone

It was high time to publish these solutions You Must Escape levels 11 to 16, cheats and tips which started to miss on the site!

It should be said that the last solutions cheats and tips go back to our edition of August 7th, 2013. Whereas we take care regularly of the outgoing updates, especially of the excellent games like this one, the last sent by the developer reached us only very lately. Why? Whereas this one left now since a little time? We do not know of it much more, if it is not that it is not the first time that arrives to us.

If you note that we are not up to date in the publication of the levels of a game, do not hesitate especially with us to inform of it. Three reasons can be the cause. The first, the pure and simple lapse of memory of the drafting. The second, the update was not received yet, and finally the third, the answers are in the course of treatment or the publication is programmed in the following days. Therefore, without concern, you can announce us what seems to be forgotten!

You must escape - 1

Some fast words on these 6 new enigmas. Following the example of the 10 first, they are always also captivating and creative. The developer does not make fun of us and really gives us what one expects. Always also precise, with beautiful graphics what makes the jouability even more appreciable. It is a very good application. Here, we let us not retain you longer and let us let to you now discover the solutions You Must Escape levels 11 to 16, cheats and tips:


You Must Escape Level 11


You Must Escape Level 12


You Must Escape Level 13


You Must Escape Level 14


You Must Escape Level 15


You Must Escape Level 16


We are again up to date with these solutions cheats and tips of the game. Let Us Wish that new enigmas reach us quickly, and why not for Christmas, it is a gift of the developer which we will readily accept. Remain informed, you register with our flow RSS.

Thank you for your fidelity and soon!


To download the game:

You must escape - icone
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